Quantum Technalysis Security Positionning 




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Quantum Technalysis Security Positioning™ (QTSP)  is the trend-identifying, data visualization investment process utilized

by the firm. It involves the measurement, analysis, and execution of security trades based on chart patterns formed by security prices,

security price derivatives and volume.  QTSP is a probability-based investment process which weights technical over fundamental analysis

by a ratio of approximately 10:1. QTSP is utilized on an ongoing basis to monitor clients' existing security positions; routinely the QTSP

process is applied to a broad universe of individual securities and indices for the purpose of identifying new long and short investment opportunities.  The following mathematical-style expression represents the principal components of this disciplined  investment process:


                                  p(QTSP) = [1 - (100/1 + RS)) + MA]3X’X ∑(Ps.....PN-S)0 + Tz[t(.90) + f(.10) + e(.001)] + DCF




Quantum Technalysis Security Positioning Defined

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