Our team is passionate about investing, driven by analytics, addicted to positive results, and thoroughly committed to the success of our

clients. The QuantumTechnalysis investment team is setting new standards in portfolio management and having a great time doing it.

Clients benefit from a breadth and depth of expertise in investment management and retirement planning.  Our advisors are experienced,

respected, and skilled at identifying client goals, gathering and analyzing information, and managing customized portfolios.  Through a

collaborative process, we create a solution based on global market considerations along with your particular goals and circumstances,

cash flow needs, tax considerations, and other variables.  We listen to your concerns and consult with our colleagues to tailor a plan

specifically for you.


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Mr. Hickman is QuantumTechnalysis's President and Chief Global Investment Strategist; he has more than 30 years'

experience in the financial services industry.  Mr. Hickman is a senior portfolio manager and global security analyst, and

he is responsible for inventing the investment process known as Quantum Technalysis Security Positioning™.

A member of The American Finance Association, Mr. Hickman earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics

(Finance major) from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Contact information:

(484) 432-4949 (direct)

(610) 649-6888 (voice)

(847) 475-8631 (facsimile)


Ms. Taylor founded Quantum Technalysis Asset Management in 2004; she serves as Chief Operating Officer and

Co-Chief Compliance Officer as well as the firm's head trader.  Ms. Taylor chairs QuantumTechnalysis's board of directors;

she has broad responsibilities including management of the firm's ExtraordinaryClientService℠, and securities/options trading

system.  Ms. Taylor earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Education (Business major) from Eastern Illinois University.


Contact information:

(847) 869-6578 (voice)

(847) 475-8631 (facsimile)





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