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With today's increasingly complex investment landscape advanced planning is paramount.  Investors are not only

reexamining their current investment decision-making practices, but also seeking to ensure that those practices allow

for enough flexibility in implementation to maximize the likelihood of investment success.  Central to this objective is

a clearly articulated investment policy statement (IPS), which serves as the foundation of an integrated and aligned

oversight process.

What is an investment policy statement?

An investment policy statement is a client-specific document designed to address the objectives, constraints, unique circumstances and overall oversight procedures that govern investment-related activities of an investor's portfolio.

A good IPS should clearly delineate the responsibilities of all parties involved in the investment program–the investment

advisor, the custodian, and if the investor is an organization then it would also include the board of trustees and the

investment committee.  It will present the portfolio’s financial objectives within the context of how much risk the investor

is willing and able to bear.  The long-term asset allocation of the portfolio should be specific, yet sufficiently broad to

allow for flexibility in implementation as opportunities and risks evolve that can impact investment goals over predeter-

mined time horizons.  Lastly, the IPS should set forth operating guidelines and rules for monitoring and reviewing all

facets of the investment program.

Investment Policy Statements

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