QuantumTechnalysis believes that superior long-term results can be achieved by adhering to a disciplined investment process

that emphasizes Quantum Technalysis Security Positioning™ as well as strict risk controls, and by systematically

exploiting the judgmental biases and behavioral weaknesses that influence the decisions of many investors.  This includes

the tendency to extrapolate past occurrences too far into the future, to incorrectly categorize a good company with a good

investment irrespective of price, to ignore statistical evidence, and to become emotional about a company or its securities.


QuantumTechnalysis's investment approach is neither growth nor value biased, but maintains a value-orientation

characterized by:


               The application of Modern Portfolio Theory;

              the deployment of Quantum Technalysis Security Positioning;

               a focused sell discipline designed to obviate excess volatility while enhancing alpha;

              adherence to strict risk controls, and

              a long-term view involving low portfolio turnover targets.


"Risk management is
primary focus."

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Investment Philosophy