President's Welcome Message

 Thank you for your interest in Quantum Technalysis Asset Management (QuantumTechnalysis℠).  The firm operates as a fee-only

fiduciary: a  registered investment advisor legally obligated to act in each client's best interest. We never accept commissions or vendor

payments. We only serve you.  QuantumTechnalysis offers its services to pension plans, 401(k) and 403(b) plans, individuals, families,

small and large businesses, trusts, endowments, and eleemosynary organizations.


From our headquarters in suburban Chicago and office in Philadelphia, QuantumTechnalysis offers actively-managed investment services

to large institutional clients through its Institutional Group. The firm’s Global Private Client Group provides wealth management and other

investment management services to individuals, families, small businesses and retirement plans.  As of December 31, 2020, clients residing

in 7 states entrust QuantumTechnalysis to manage their assets.


Leveraging internal technologies and the comprehensive resources of Schwab Institutional (a unit of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.),

QuantumTechnalysis utilizes a highly advanced and sophisticated approach to investment management. QuantumTechnalysis’s

investment strategies were designed using a Modern Portfolio Theory framework, involve a client-customization overlay, and

are based on time-proven financial principles.


The firm's talented team of investment professionals has more than 60 combined years of industry experience.  You too can benefit from

the knowledge our team has acquired managing a global-mix of asset types in varied market conditions.  QuantumTechnalysis has gained

a reputation for the ExtraordinaryClientService℠ it delivers to clients as well as for our team's expertise short selling stocks and ETFs;

writing covered calls and cash-secured puts; constructing investment policy statements, and designing retirement programs. Presently,              if the management of your portfolio does not involve the use of short selling when appropriate, covered calls, cash-secured puts, and no

investment policy statement has been drafted then consider contacting one of our investment advisor representatives─we can definitely assist you.


You may also benefit from our insights about global markets, and our experience with the following investment vehicles:


  • Bonds - Government

  • Bonds - Corporate

  • Bonds - High Yield

  • Bonds - Foreign

  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

  • Commodities (via ETFs)

  • Common Stocks - All asset classes, domestic and foreign, and proven "dividend" performers

  • Covered Calls and Cash-Secured Puts

  • Currencies (via ETFs)

  • Inflation Protected Securities (TIPs)

  • Preferred Stocks

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

  • Volatility (via ETFs)


 There are many reasons investors turn to QuantumTechnalyis when they are seeking a long-term, professional relationship.  The following

are a few typical situations where QuantumTechnalysis’s expertise is utilized by investors:

     • You have recently retired, or changes jobs and sense that there is a better alternative than leaving your retirement assets

        in your former employer's 401(k) or 403(b) plan.

     • You recognize that you need a lead advisor because your current source of investment advise has never constructed

        an investment policy statement on your behalf, nor provided education about short selling; writing covered calls; adding

        a beneficiary designation to a taxable account; or establishing automatic dividend reinvestment to minimize brokerage


     • Your circumstances call for an advisor with specialized expertise in retirement planning, and retirement plan design. 

     • Your financial needs have become more complicated.  In addition to investments, you may own real estate, a business,

        or a family trust; you want a unified, big-picture plan for managing your assets.

     • You want to establish an estate plan and need an advisor who works in concert with your CPA, attorney, and trust officer.


     • You have complex tax issues, or you are not certain about the optimal way to maximize the value of stock options you

        received from your employer, and you need an investment advisor who can manage your investments accordingly.

     • You may have been investing on your own or with the help of others, but now you have reached a point where you need

        a highly specialized level of hands-on investment management.

Whatever your unique situation, we have a solution to meet your investment requirements.  Contact us to speak with a QuantumTechnalysis

investment advisor.  We are here to listen.


Thank you for taking time to investigate a long-term, professional relationship with QuantumTechnalysis.




James N. Hickman


James N. Hickman